• Rados technology is an X-ray fluorescence reef/waste sorting method.
  • Rados is well-proven and extensively operational in Eastern Europe.
  • PPM started R&D into Rados during 2010.
  • Both the Silicate and UG2 reef waste can be sorted using Rados technology.
  • The Rados proof-of-concept plant is currently operating.
  • Testwork should be complete early in 2016.
  • This technology discards around 50% of the waste in both the silicate and UG2 reefs, after screening.
  • The feed grade of both reefs will be upgraded and thus PGM recoveries improved.
  • 30% more reef from the pits would be treatable because of the waste discarded.
  • If the project proceeds, first metal is expected during 2018.