Community Investment

PPM operates in the Moses Kotane Municipality of the Bojanala district in the North West province of RSA.

The operation is surrounded by 160,000ha of BBK land.

There are 53 villages within a 50km radius and within the municipal area. There are 32 villages within the 160,000ha owned by the BBK and, of these, eight are regarded as 'doorstep' villages.

The BBKTA has compiled a strategic master plan to direct socio-economic development. This plan is a blueprint for the establishment of services in the area. It enjoys the endorsement and full support of the SPM board.

PPM is collaborating with the BBKTA on four major infrastructure projects:

  • Community water supply.
  • Upgrading and maintenance of gravel roads.
  • Construction of a sewage system.
  • Establishment of the Lekutung housing estate.

In addition, the company funds local economic development (LED) programmes and community social investment (CSI) programmes.

In order to raise awareness of these company investments into the district, PPM implements a formal policy of community engagement.

The specific areas of focus for LED and CSI programmes are aligned with the BBK master plan and the Municipal Integrated Development plan. These are:

  • Education.
  • AET.
  • The schools programme which funds the establishment and refurbishment of government educational infrastructure plus interventions to support/enhance education.
  • Learnerships and internships in mining-related fields.
  • Bursaries for tertiary education.
  • Health, sports and recreation.

Enterprise development

  • Preferential procurement for mining consumables favours local companies. In addition, BEE-certified suppliers enjoy preferential status.
  • Coaching, mentorships and sponsorships for new and existing entrepreneurs.

Business ventures

  • Agri-farm and hydroponic vegetable production.
  • Aggregate and brick-making facility.
  • Farmers support centre.
  • Feedlot.
  • Indigenous tree nursery.

In addition to the above, the company is promoting safety in communities, assisting victims of crime and abuse, and supporting the arts, culture, heritage and sport on an ad hoc basis.