Environmental Performance

SPM strives for zero harm to the environment and full compliance with the laws of RSA.

From the first stages of design and throughout construction and commissioning, key stakeholders have been consulted.

This engagement will continue during closure and rehabilitation.

The PPM Environmental Management Programme (EMP), a prerequisite of its mining right, summarises its statutory obligations in terms of the MPRDA.

Management focuses on the following areas:

  • Water.
  • Air quality.
  • Energy conservation.
  • Rock and tailings stockpiles.
  • Storage and transport of chemicals.
  • Closure and rehabilitation.

Of specific interest and value to the community is the incorporation into the approved EMP of a plan to convert West Pit, once mined out, into a 50 million cubic metre water capture, storage and treatment facility. This will utilise storm water which currently runs off and is lost. This sustainable dam will supply the local community with some 1.7 million litres of good quality water each day.